Help Me Smile (and earn back $$$ in books) :)

by Jody Feldman

Once upon a time, when I had files and files of book manuscripts and was thisclose to getting a publisher’s YES! – after 350+ NO THANKS including a then-recent bruise from a particularly brutal rejection – I was walking by a school filled with the shouts and shrieks and other sounds that only a schoolyard can bring. And I almost started crying. Please, someone, give me a yes so I can go into these classrooms and talk to these kids. And then ...

It happened!
I celebrated books and reading with children across the country (and in certain parts of the world). And then...

IT happened.

But here’s what I hope will happen next. 

World cooperating, I am now booking in-person school visits for 2022... with this deal. If you’re one of the first 10 schools to sign on at my (non-inflated) rate*,  once I visit, you’ll receive a $200 bookstore credit back to use however you want. Yes, I am hoping to give away every penny of that $2,000.00. And if it happens, once again, it will make me...

*You can make it happen here
  (click *brochure* for the downloadable details)

Award-winning middle grade author of The Gollywhopper Games series and The Seventh Level, Jody Feldman, may be taking a brief dip to the other (older) side with a YA thriller coming out next summer, but she's already at work on another middle grade adventure.


  1. Thanks, Holly! Now, I just need some schools to make me put my money where my mouth is :)

  2. I just forwarded this to our elementary school librarian!


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