A Smile Can Change Your Life Outlook

When I hear about a smile or learning to smile, I always think back to my late teenage years when I met a new friend. She was my supervisor at an office where we both worked. I remember her greeting me at the door with a wide smile that lit her eyes and made her whole person glow. 

That first day at the office with my new supervisor, I watched as she walked through the large offices and saying hello to so many people, always with that big beautiful smile. 

As a child, I was serious and a bit solemn. I was shy and often on guard and defensive.  Smiling was not my thing. 

But seeing my new friend and how much joy and light she gave and received in return, I slowly tried to try the same approach. A smile made me feel better most days, and I noticed how much easier it was to go about the social world with a bit of openness. There are times when someone else’s smile has made my day, and I hoped I did the same, the same way my friend did for me. Going out and about through life and school and work had much more grace and, I think, made me more friends than I would have otherwise. 

Today, all these later, we are still friends. We live a distance apart, but write letters and catch up over lattes every summer. She's a teacher and - with a smile - introduces her middle school students to my middle grade books. I'm even smiling on the back cover. 

Happy reading! 


  1. This is so great. It's absolutely true--a smile makes you seem so much more approachable! It can open doors...


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