The Lesson of Tailpipes (Holly Schindler)

 Hey, girl,

You're 11, and it's August, which means you are probably on some road trip. In fact, you are probably in the RV, which is a disaster. It leaks and constantly breaks down, and on one trip, you will have to pull to the side because the tailpipe falls off.

You have two cats at home, but you are surely traveling with your dog, Winnie. Not that you need a picture, but here she is, by the disaster of an RV:

To keep occupied on the road, you are surrounded by books. You have a Walkman and plenty of tapes. You never go anywhere without your George Michael. 

You have a notebook, too. You are working on stories. 

And you are dreaming. 

Here's the thing: Many of your dreams will come true. You will see your own book on a shelf, and it will even accompany other kids just like you who are on their own summer road trips. You will always be surrounded by music and stories. 

And dogs. There are always dogs.

But even when dreams come true, life goes on, as imperfect as ever. Even with books on bookstore shelves, tailpipes will still keep falling off of your RV--metaphorically speaking. 

So get used to it, girl. Learn to keep rolling while crazy things happen. 

In the meantime, have a great time on that road trip. Scratch Winnie's head one time for me.

--Older Holly


Holly Schindler is the author of The Junction of Sunshine and Lucky; a corresponding activity book is now available!


  1. I'm glad Winnie was with you. My parents always made us leave our dog with an aunt. Was Winnie's name from Tuck Everlasting?


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