11 don't be so blue, here's my ode to you -- Jennifer Mitchell

Dear 11- year old Jennifer,

You made it out of that awkward stage in life; you can now wear Sesame Street shirts and Mickey Mouse shirts without fear of worrying if others think you “cool” enough.  Your dream of becoming an elementary teacher has come to fruition, and oddly enough you work for the same district you graduated from. You even wave hello to some of the same teachers that guided your career decision from time to time.  And guess what? You are still reading some of the same novels they read to you to your own students. This is because you want to give them the same magical experiences you were given. 

Family still remains a huge component of your life, and those kids you hoped you would have actually exist and they are in college pursuing their own set of dreams.  That is an achievement you will be the most proud of!  Spending time with the ones you love is a gift that you will continue to be thankful for.

Though being an introvert will probably always be a trait that isn’t easily overcome, you will be proud of yourself when you try new things and take a risk (even when it seems scary at the time).  In the end it will produce memories and hopefully more character.

Though life has its challenges, you are blessed to be on the path of continued happiness! You will be glad to know that you are proud of what you have accomplished 35 years later.

p.s. Thank goodness the haircut we lived through at 11 was the worst one you have had to endure…. let’s never be fooled into short hair again :) 

About me: I am an elementary teacher in the Kansas City area. 

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jBJbhu35Ejw Sesame Street gets credit for my blog title :)


  1. Isn't that the best feeling of all--knowing that younger you would've been proud of older you?


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