The Way Poets Play

 Hello and welcome to July! Happy firecrackers and independence!

Funny Cide
 (2003 Kentucky
Derby winner)
Playtime for me includes:

1. reading (click here for a recent favorite!)

2. #lakelife

3. travel—most recently we did a tour of the state of Kentucky, including Mammoth Cave, Kentucky Horse Park, The Ark Experience, Churchill Downs, and the National Quilt Museum!

4. playing cello

5. arts & crafts

6. games—most recently: Uno, Mexican Train, Yahtzee

7. antique & thrift shopping

8. home improvements—most recently: I painted a shelf (bought at thrift store) and put it up in my kitchen

Rosie, relaxing.
9. playing with Rosie, our Australian shepherd

10. my ArtSpeak project, which is all about playing with words & art!

11. cooking & eating :)

red velvet cheesecake!

Wishing you a summer of sweet playdays!
Irene Latham is a grateful creator of many novels, poetry collections, and picture books, including the coauthored Can I Touch Your Hair?: Poems of Race, Mistakes, and Friendship, which earned a Charlotte Huck Honor, and The Cat Man of Aleppo, which won a Caldecott Honor. Irene lives on a lake in rural Alabama.


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