Blurred Lines

by Jody Feldman

Long walks.
Lunch with people!

That’s how I’ve played this past week (so far). 
I deserved it. 

Having just met an intense, 10-week, ChapterOne-to-publisher deadline, I kept sane some days by promising myself I’d take time after to do some things I love. 

And yet, while I’ve been walking or driving or finding myself alone, I’ve missed the writing. Not the long hours of sitting and typing, no. I miss occupying my mind with all the play that goes into plotting and character development; even with the challenge of finding that perfect turn of phrase or the task of chopping a single word from a paragraph to keep a chapter from running a couple lines onto the next page.
It’s play to me.
And I can't help but smile...
How lucky am I to have found an occupation that blurs the lines between work and play!

Award-winning middle grade author of The Gollywhopper Games series and The Seventh Level, Jody Feldman may be taking a brief dip to the other (older) side with a YA thriller coming out next summer, but never fear. There’s still MG in her heart.


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