Summer Adventures by-- Jennifer Mitchell

 As a teacher, July is typically the month I grant myself time to do things that I consider a little more “fun.”  We typically schedule a family vacation; that is something I always look forward to (I still have a couple of weeks before I set out on this year’s adventure).  I grant myself permission to stay up later than I normally would, and I have been enjoying watching evening movies with my daughter.  I love sitting on the deck in the evening and just taking the time to enjoy nature.  I am not what one would consider very adventurous, but I do enjoy trying new things.  I have lived in Kansas City my entire life and just took the time this week to go to the Jazz Museum.  It was a great way to learn more about history, and something I can always weave into my history lessons for the upcoming school year. 

A summer tradition I started a few years ago was going to the library and checking out the Mark Twain Award Nominee books. I love being able to have the time to read books that might be potential mentor texts, or a read aloud for the upcoming school year.  I am always excited to introduce different books to my students, and it feels like a gift to have the time to read several books.  The book I am currently reading, Shouting at the Rain by Lynda Mullaly Hunt, feels like it will pair well with Because of Winn-Dixie when I teach that unit.  So even though I am reading for enjoyment, I am always trying to connect books to use in my classroom.

For me July is a month to let up a little on the normal daily grind, and take time out for enjoyment that I might not normally pencil in for myself. 

I am a second/ third grade looping teacher in the Kansas City area.


  1. I love that you're constantly brainstorming about how to use these books! (As enjoyable reading is, it's impossible to completely turn off the working mind, isn't it?)


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