Setting: Half the (Fun?) Is Getting There

You've heard the expression that "half the fun is getting there," but when writing for middle graders, for me, half the problem is getting there...wherever "there" happens to be.

I have two problems with setting: first, I'm more of a plot person. I want it to move move move. I want stuff to happen. It's hard for me to slow down enough to give the reader an idea of where we are. Generally, my agent and/or editor has to remind me to go back and spend a little more time setting the scene. Describe stuff.

And then, when I finally do establish a setting, I inevitably need for my middle grade characters to go somewhere else. And you know what's tough about that? They can't drive. 

It's so hard to get into interesting mischief when your mom has to drop you off for said mischief!

This means that I have to figure out whether my characters are going to walk, ride a bike, take public transportation (which means I have to set the book in a more urban area), call an Uber, or hotwire a car. (Speaking of "mischief"! That's an understatement!)

For my current WIP, I'm trying to take some deep breaths and enjoy the scenery. Wish me luck!

Ginger Rue's latest book, Wonder Women of Science, is co-authored with rocket scientist Tiera Fletcher, who is currently working with NASA on the Mars mission. The book profiles a dozen amazing women (besides Tiera!) who are blazing new trails in their respective STEM fields.




  1. Good Luck Ginger! May your journey to your setting be filled with inspiration.

  2. Yes! Good luck! I'm the opposite--plot doesn't come as naturally.


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