When All Else Fails...Read by Darlene Beck Jacobson

 Whether it's loss, sorrow, job stress, a broken heart, worry, anxiety, or the rigors of daily life, books have provided a release and relief from trouble.

Books have been a joy and comfort to me since my earliest memories. Getting my first library card and checking out picture books, chapter books, then novels, would brighten my week with the anticipation of what I would find in the pages of a new story.

As a writer and author of books of my own, my reading for pleasure has changed a bit. I read more middle grade books than adult novels because I want to see what other middle grade authors write. And I also love the "coming of age" stories that bring me back to my own pre-adolesence. What better way to channel my inner child than to be swept away in a story where the hero and heroine are kids solving their own problems and learning from their own mistakes.

Thankfully, with all the great books written by Smack-Dab authors and the rest of the middle grade community, I will never run out of things to read, or new adventures to explore.



  1. That looks a little like one of my bookcases. I don't remember reading that much when I was young, but I read a lot of books with my boys when they were younger.

  2. I can't imagine a world without books...that would be a dystopian world for sure. Good to hear from you Janet.

  3. I read a ton of kids' books, too. It's kinda too bad adults disregard them or think they've aged out. I don't think you ever do age out of kids' books.

    1. I absolutely agree Holly. And so many of them are better written in terms of "getting to the point of the story" in a quick and meaningful way. Not buried under too much setting or backstory like so many adult novels.


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