To Read... Or Maybe Not.

By Charlotte Bennardo

So where do you D.E.A.R.? It's Drop Everything And Read month here at Smack Dab. I thought about this and read my colleague's posts. They have excellent stories and suggestions where to DEAR. Looking at my own life, I've read in airplanes, on the beach, in a park, in the car, on the lawn, in a garden, when I'm supposed to be sleeping, and other suitable places. 

Photo courtesy of Yaroslav Shuraev of Pexels

But... there really are places you shouldn't drop everything and read. Here's my list of 10 random places you should never Drop Everything And Read:

    1. While you're skydiving. (Keep both hands ready to open that chute!)

    2. While you're scuba diving. (Book gets too wet anyway.)

    3. While you're downhill skiing. (Hitting a tree really hurts.)

    4. While you're driving. (Keep your eyes on the road!)

    5. While you're cycling. (Broken bones hurt- trust me, I know.)

    6. While you're at the dinner table. (Nothing makes moms madder.)

    7. While you're working at a job. (Bosses frown on that.)

    8. While you're taking a math test. (You have to pass this test!)

    9. While you're in a wedding party. (You have things to do, and on time.)

    10. While you're mountain climbing. (It's dangerous enough, don't add to it!)

Some places though, are a matter of personal opinion...

    1. When in the bathroom. (No sense wasting time!)

    2. When family visits. (They're just going to talk for hours.)

    3. When you're sitting on the bench during a game. (You haven't played the last three games anyway.)

    4. When your parents take you to an expensive professional sports game. (But the teams are the worst.)

    5. During a boring movie in a theater. (You didn't want to see it anyway.)

    6.  During your sister's bridal fitting. (She's only tried on 50 dresses...)

    7. When your grandad repeats his favorite fish story for the gazillionth time. (Yep, the fish was this big!)

    8. When you're supposed to be watching the grill or the oven. (Just one more chapter...)

    9. During your little brother's music recital. (How long is this going to last?)

    10. While everyone's cowering in the basement because of a tornado warning. (What else can you do?)

There are many great places to Drop Everything And Read- so take advantage of them. There are just too many great books that you need. 


  1. I MIGHT be guilty of reading while I'm supposed to be watching the stove. :)


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