Barefoot Dreams - Seriously, Get This Book (Holly Schindler)

We're going to feature author Alda Dobbs in a few months, but I had to give an early shout-out to this one. 

I recently received an ARC of Barefoot Dreams, and dug in as an author. I can't help it; it's how I start reading every book. My mind is usually going on warp speed as I try to take in all the choices each writers makes. About character. And setting. And the ways they draw readers in. But it didn't take many pages before I was reading for pure pleasure. 

I love this book. I love it because it is important and timely and smart. I love it because it is based on family history. I love it because it is so well written. 

Do yourselves a favor. Snag a copy. I think you'll find yourselves reading for pleasure too. 


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