Leaving Room For the Kiddos...by Jody Feldman


Well, this just happened. Never thought I’d do it; believed it would stay put forever.

But I did it.
I 86'd a cornerstone of my school visit presentation. 

I love this piece because it has action and interaction, a bit of process and a full arc. It’s about the day I got inspired to write The Gollywhopper Games. So why is it out of my presentation?

In 98%(ish) of my school visits I am asked the same question: What was your inspiration in writing your book? 

When I first started visiting schools, that question had me sputtering and stammering. I’d want to say, “Weren't you listening at all?” But in an attempt to be kind and understanding, I’d gloss over the question and move on to the next. Pretty quickly, I came to have a better answer ("I'm so glad you asked. In addition to that story with the library and the 5th grader, I meant to tell you about [insert an additional inspiration here].")

Now, however, in totally revitalizing my virtual author visit presentations (in response to current circumstances and thanks to Kate Messner's tools and tips), I realized that if I leave room for the kiddos to ask about my inspiration, I can turn my answer into a highlight of our time together.

So library story, you are not gone and forgotten. You will be back ...
in 98%(ish) of my author visits.

Very excited about my re-energized virtual visits this year.
Interested? Or know a school that might be? Please share this link with your favorite teachers, librarians ... or open it yourself.
Can’t wait to connect with more kiddos!


  1. So true about the inspiration question! Love that you've reworked your virtual visits.


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