Everybody on the Bus for the Field Trip!

 By Charlotte Bennardo

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

No field trips because of Covid-19? That's not true! Okay, so you won't be going by bus, plane, train, or car, and your class, like you, are stuck at home. What to do?

Online Museum Tours 

Yep, online you can go anywhere! Check this out:


You are taking a tour of NASA's Langley Research Center in Ohio. How about NASA Glenn where you can tap into tours on various missions, shuttlecrafts, and scientists. 

Not really the science type? How about a visit to one of the most restricted places in the world, where you need a special appointment to see some of the worlds most priceless and exceptional art- the Vatican! You can see artworks most people will never get to see (unless they go online), the Sistine Chapel, and many other treasures.

Ever want to go to the the Smithsonian? Natural history, art, cultural items (like the Hope diamond), cool stuff like an Egyptian pyramid- you'll want to spend hours on the various different virtual tours.

Maybe you're not a big fan of history- how about the Google Art Project which is interactive and very, very cool. 

Other museums: the Louvre, the British Museum, National Women's History, the Guggenheim, the NY Metropolitan, the NFL, and World wide virtual tours like the Taj Mahal, Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame, the Museum of Flight, the Palace of Versailles, even the Great Wall of China and many national and world parks. 

You don't even have to pack a lunch or get out of your jammies while you take in so many interesting places. And don't let the links above be the last or only places you visit: search the internet for wherever it is you want to go or for whatever you want to see- and have a grand adventure!


  1. Love this virtual reminder of al the wonderful places there are to visit! Thanks Char. Which ones have you visited?

  2. Great list! We haven't done in person field trips for years and years, so perhaps teachers can assign these to students on weeks of remote learning.

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