Sunday, January 12, 2020

On the Subject of Mentors

This month's topic of mentors got me thinking about who led me to this field of writing for children. For me there was no ONE person, but rather a combination of every author I love and the books I've read that inspire me. Each time I read a middle grade novel from someone whose writing I admire - be it Kate DiCamillo, Katherine Applegate, Bruce Coville, Jerry Spinelli, Jane Kelly, Tracy Holtzer, or whomever - I jot down turns of phrase, beautiful descriptions of place, an unforgettable bit of dialogue that I want to recite and remember over and over.

The more I read the work of authors and books I admire, the more ideas spark in my mind and the more I want to make the journey beside an old friend (character) who points me to an unexplored path. A path with a story begging to be told. A path for me to follow with pen and paper poised and ready.

So, to all the MG authors out there...thank you for your stories that open up the world of discovery and imagination. Thank you for being such wonderful mentors.

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