A Villain After My Own Heart

by Charlotte Bennardo

Ah, villains. We love to hate them. Here is my list of the 5 best villains: (due to copyright issues, I can't put certain pics in...)

1. Hannibal Lector. I mean, if you look at him the wrong way, you're the main meal. And he's so smart you have no hopes of outwitting him. The scariest part? There could be people like that, serial killers, out there...

2. Severus Snape. Until the last book, he was the villain. And nobody was cheering in his corner. He was mean to Harry! He still has to be considered a villain, but a 'restored to humanity' one.

3. That creature from the movie Aliens.  Geez, I had nightmares for years! Freddy Krueger and Jason could take creep lessons from this pure evil character. *shivers

4. The unseen spirit in the Paranormal movies. I mean, you can't see it coming for you, dragging you down the hall! Maybe even the Alien would be scared.

5.  Dracula, played by Frank Langella. Yes, he's a vampire, but he's alluring, pulling you in until it's too late. Any villain can be horrific and no way would you be tempted to do anything for him, except stake him. In this movie version (1975!) he's handsome and charming; when he turns those big brown eyes on his victim, and recites poetry about lonely wolves singing in the night... Who could resist?

There are so many villains; some we want forever gone, some we take through our childhood, and some who are a little too close to real... Who scares you the most?

Photo by Toni Cuenca from Pexels