Writing in 2018 by Deborah Lytton: January Theme

Happy 2018! For me, the celebration of a new year is filled with excitement and focus. With the opening of a new planner is the opportunity for goal setting and personal challenge. The best advice I always give to myself and to others: write. It is the practice of this ever-evolving craft that will help us reach our goals. In our work, we are sharing stories but also continuing on our own journeys. I can look at manuscripts I have written in years past and see threads of my own story woven into the choices my characters make. I can also see my growth as a writer. Stories I penned in 2005 are very different from the stories I am writing today. And yet, there is still a style to the work that is mine alone. In 2018, I encourage you to find your style of writing. Find your voice. It is unique and special because it is yours.

Here are some of my own goals for this year that might help you:

1. Write. As much as possible.
2. Find the tools that inspire. (I like Blackwing pencils and comp books.)
3. Create a writing nest for yourself that helps you disappear into your work.
4. Set goals for page count or word count or even a completion date if you are really brave.
5. Connect with other writers on social media or at writer conferences.
6. Challenge yourself to write the story that is in your heart.
7. Pour everything onto the page and don't hold anything back.

Good Luck and Happy Writing!


  1. Love these Deborah and so far, I am working on all 7. Happy Writing Year!

  2. Good advice. I am recreating my writing space now.

  3. I'm intrigued by your preference for the pencils!


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