Many bloggers have been focusing this month on creative nourishment. Filling the well. Making sure we replenish ourselves in the midst of creating something new.

For the past several years, most of my goals have focused on doing more. Writing more, submitting more work, trying new genres, learning the ins and outs of self-publishing. 

I’m not slowing down any, but I find myself wanting to fill the well lately, too. Sometimes, you’ve just got to push yourself away from the desk for a few minutes. And when you come back, you’re stronger than ever.

For mini-breaks, I’ve been sinking deep into sewing: I’ve been crocheting and knitting for a few years now, and this year, I’m also getting into embroidery. I did a little embroidery when I was younger, but mostly, I was just kind of futzing around. This time, I want to learn all the actual stitches. (Thanks, YouTube!)
The best part of these “breaks” is that in the end, I also have something to show for them. There's something about being somehow productive even during your breaks that feels good, too.

What about you? Are you sewing? There's kind of a remarkable number of writers who do, actually!

Let’s share our “break work”! Find me on Twitter: @holly_schindler


  1. I sew and quilt between projects. It is great to have a finished product when it's done.

    1. I saw your projects on Twitter! I know we talked about sewing on FB, too. You're totally right--it feels good to have a finished large sewing project to show at the end of your "think time."


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