Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Seven Lines from Seven Wise Writers

from Jody Feldman

Once again, I was fortunate enough to attend the SCBWI National Conference in Los Angeles. The party just ended, but even at this point in my career, I learned so much that should serve to enrich my writing, permanently. Here are seven lines that caught my attention and may inspire you in writing and/or life. (Note that those lines not in quotes may have been paraphrased.)

1.       “You have to dream so big it scares the hell out of you.” –Vanessa Brantley Newton
2.       Diversity in your writing should be “purposeful in its portrayal of complexity.” –Zareen Jaffrey
3.       We have to do mean things to our characters in order to feel their redemption. –Alex Gino
4.       “It’s no laughing matter if there’s no laughing matter.” –Marvin Terban
5.       “Start with a pie in the face, then say something smart.” –Chris Grabenstein
6.       You should be obsessed with your story. It should be waking you up at night. –Stephanie Garber
7.       I think I’m done writing, except there’s this one idea ... –Judy Blume


  1. Love those lines, especially the 4th, 6th and 7th one.

  2. I can still hear Judy Blume saying that last one :)

  3. Thanks for sharing these seven glimpses of the conference with us. One of these years I'll go myself!