Monday, July 3, 2017

7 Audiobooks for a Family Summer Road Trip

WallyWorld, anyone? :)
Some of my fondest childhood summer memories include road trips -- to my grandparents' homes in Florida, or the beach, or the Smokey Mountains.

Back then, I was the one in the back seat reading. I read so many books when our family traveled! I wasn't worried about getting there, or how long it would take... I was reading.

These days, of course, I am often the driver for such trips. And while our kids are very nearly grown, we still listen to audiobooks (or "books on tape" as I still refer to them!). You can go a great many miles with series like LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE, or HARRY POTTER or THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA. But sometimes stand-alone titles make the miles click off at a more enjoyable pace. And their relative short-ness of these titles can be better for meeting the needs of a group with assorted preferences in entertainment.

Here are 7 tried-n-true favorites I've heard in the van more than once:

Happy road tripping! Maybe someday one of my own books will be made into an audiobook. How cool would that be?! Meanwhile I am tickled to find LEAVING GEE'S BEND included along with some other exciting titles on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's recommended summer reading list. Yay!


Irene Latham is the author of more than a dozen current and forthcoming books, including two novels for children Leaving Gee's Bend and Don't Feed the Boy. Winner of the 2016 ILA Lee Bennett Hopkins Promising Poet Award, her poetry books for children include Dear Wandering Wildebeest, When the Sun Shines on Antarctica, Fresh Delicious and Can I Touch Your Hair? (co-written with Charles Waters). Irene lives in Birmingham, Alabama with her family where she does her best to “live her poem” every single day by laughing, playing the cello, and walking in the woods. Visit her online at

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