Thursday, July 6, 2017

Firework Scenes by Deborah Lytton: July Theme

The 4th of July has a wonderful tradition of celebration with families getting together for barbeques or picnics and then watching a firework show. No matter where I see fireworks, whether close to home or in an exotic location, one thing is always the same--and for me, it's the best part. It's that split second of anticipation between the sound of the boom and the show of lights. I think we can bring the same fireworks to our writing of a really important scene. We can prepare the reader and create anticipation by setting the stage with dialogue or action. Then we can find the rhythm in our storytelling to let the reader wait for the explosion of emotion that results. Finally, we can tap into that silent acceptance we all experience when the last ember fades into the dark night sky. It is an ending that is complete and final and without the necessity of explanation. It is simply understood, like the very best closure in a firework scene. How can you apply fireworks to your writing today?

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