One Word Leads to Another by Deborah Lytton: December Theme

The Dear Me letter I would write to myself this year would remind me of the things I know to be true but sometimes forget to remember:

1. Write every day. Because one word leads to another.

2.  Be open to new characters, new storylines, even new genres. Taking risks is the only way to make your work stand out.

3.  Be organized and detail-oriented so that deadlines can be met on time (or maybe even early!)

4.  Be brave enough to try new methods of working (I'm talking about you Scrivener!)

5.  Believe in the power of the imagination. Trust the creative process and see where it leads.

6.  Listen to critiques and look at work honestly. Don't be afraid of the lessons in rejection.

7.  Read the top bestselling books but also the hidden books that no one has discovered yet. 

8.  Keep writing. Because one word leads to another.

Now go make a nice cup of tea and get writing:)


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