Dear Me by Laurie Calkhoven

Dear Me,

Netflix is a bad thing. It is a very bad thing. You will subscribe so that you can watch the (ultimately disappointing) Gilmore Girls reunion movies, and then you will get sucked in.  From four seasons of Orange is the New Black (OMG! Poussey) to Crown and House of Cards, you will get sucked in.

I know you love good storytelling and interesting characters, but binge watching Call the Midwife is too easy! One episode isn’t even over yet before the next one pops up on the bottom of your screen—beckoning.  And when you sit down for lunch and promise yourself that you’ll stop at one episode of Stranger Things and then get back to work, you will be lying to yourself. You’ll watch all eight episodes.

You have research to do. You have books to write. Netflix is not good for you. It’s bad. Very, very bad.

So, for yourself, for your work, for your peace-of-mind, cancel that Netflix subscription. But first – maybe – let’s find out what happens in season five of OITNB and season two of Stranger Things.


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