A Letter to ME by Naomi Kinsman

Hey YOU!

Sometimes life will rush by with dizzying speed. You'll think that if you set aside writing today, you'll have time to catch up on everything else. You'll think that catching up on everything else will clear your mind so you can focus on that masterpiece you so desperately want to create.

You'll think that in a couple weeks--maybe a month--you'll find time to escape to a cabin in the woods to write.

The truth is, that cabin in the woods is a mirage.

The very best words you'll write grow out of the wild, joyful chaos of life. It's true, you need a little mental quiet to write, but only a very little. So, take the quiet that wakes with you every morning, slip it around your shoulders as you tiptoe to your writing chair, and put words on the page.

Day after day after day.

You can do it. ANYONE can do it. So, what are you waiting for?

That's it.

Happy writing!



  1. Oh, for a cabin in the woods! Yes, this has been a hang-up of mine in the past... wanting these uninterrupted hours for writing... when THESE are the hours! No excuses. Thank you, Naomi!

  2. YES! That is so true--the cabin in the woods is a mirage.


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