Three "NO'S" Writers Should Say Yes To: by Darlene Beck Jacobson

If we writers take every negative comment obstacle in our path to heart, many of us would never have our books out in the world.  Sure, there are times when NO means, "maybe I need to try something else".  But, there are three instances where NO should be changed into YES.

1. Don't write of things you know nothing about: I wouldn't attempt to write about a character who is proficient in quantum physics, but as a writer of historical fiction, there is much I don't know about the past.  Research fills in the gaps and makes me an expert on the era I'm writing about.

2. This story is NOT what we're looking for: Repeated by editors and agents over and over again, this litany can derail a writer and make you question the integrity of your work.  Should I give up?  In my case, after 36 no's, one said YES.  It only takes one.

3. Quiet stories are a hard sell:   Really?  Then why are so many so called "quiet stories" nominated for awards?  A good story, well told,  is what matters more than whether the narrative is fast paced and action packed.  If we make our characters relate able and their quests real, we'll find an audience.

Takes these NO's and use them to make your next story the best one yet.


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