Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Summer Days with JANE IN BLOOM by Deborah Lytton - July Theme

My debut novel JANE IN BLOOM is set during Jane's 12th year and the summer months are a backdrop for her recovery after the loss of her beloved older sister.  The freedom of summer gives her a chance to grieve and then to heal.

First days of summer -
"When I wake up at noon, I don't bother to get dressed.  I fill a mixing bowl with every kind of cereal.  Frosted Mini-Wheats, Fruit Loops, Cheerios, Special K, and some kind of organic whole wheat diet cereal of Mom's.  I pour a layer of sugar over the whole thing and drown it in milk.  I take my trough into the TV room and settle into my new favorite spot.  For I have found something to occupy my summer days--soap operas.  I used to hate them with a vengeance, but things are different now.  I'm different now.  I feel better about my own life when I'm watching other people's lives fall apart.  Even if I know it's all fictional."  (Jane in Bloom, page 84-85)  

Last days of summer -
"We drive home in the late afternoon, and I watch the sun set outside my window.  The ocean turns pink and gold.  Surfers ride the waves in to shore.  Dogs run on the sand.  Children splash in the water.  I smile at Dad.  And he smiles back.  Kona crawls into the front seat and lies down in my lap.  I am happy."  (Jane in Bloom, page 162)


  1. Love this Deborah...I am often guilty of mixing many cereals together just like Jane. Happy summer!

  2. I love that simple sentence: I am happy.