The Gift of Time (December Theme) by Kristin Levine

Of all the gifts I receive in December each year, the gifts of time are always my favorite.  Thank you for: 
  • the real estate agent who gave away Christmas trees to all his clients
  • the friend with a truck who came and helped me set it up 
  • the time to go on a field trip with my daughter to the National Cryptologic Museum 

  • the time to get out my holiday dishes 

  • the old friend who came to town and took me out for Ethiopian food
  • the new friend who invited me to the season 6 Downton Abby premiere 

  • my parents for inviting us all to a sing-a-long at the Kennedy Center
  • my kids for going with me to the Living Christmas Tree concert 

  • the friend who invited us over to light the candles for Chanukah
  • the friends who came over for wine and cheese and cookies
  • and since this is a writing blog, the gifts of comments on the second draft of my new manuscript (which I turned in yesterday - woo hoo!!)  I’m so grateful I had people in my life who were willing to read and comment on my work…even during this crazy time of year.  And some of it was even returned with little doodles! 

Happy holidays to all! 


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