Monday, October 12, 2015

Writing Tricks and Treats by Darlene Beck Jacobson

Let's face it, writing isn't easy and sometimes we get so stuck in a manuscript, we can't see a way forward.  Short of throwing our hands up in the air and throwing the manuscript in the trash bin, I have a few tricks I use to muddle through and make it to the other side. So when you're stuck, or hit a slump...

Try writing in a different way than usual. Instead of keyboard, try pencil and paper, or dictating into a tape recorder.  Free associate and see where it takes you.

Reading outside your usual genre can provide new insight and spark creativity.  I find some bits of dialogue and plot ideas from reading a wide variety of MG, YA, and adult books.

It's okay to do the easy editing first.  Often  working through simple fixes leads to problem solving bigger issues.

Cookies and Chocolate are writing tools not to be overlooked.  Any food that feels good to the soul makes for a happier brain and attitude, often leads to inspiration.  (I told you there were treats!)

Kick up your heels and get moving.  Studies have shown that physical activity enhances brain function and productivity.

Singing - even badly - taps into a different part of the brain.  Belting out tunes often helps with the rhythm and cadence of language.  The best music is poetry afterall.  And the best writing has a rhythm and poetry of its own.

Happy Tricks and Treats!


  1. What fun ideas! I've been trying the first one...muddling through a new idea in long hand rather than using the computer. Not sure, though, if my family could handle the singing idea!

  2. Poetic, Darlene! I've been trying something different by writing first thing in the morning. Cheers.