Monday, October 5, 2015

Turning Chocolate into Kale - October Theme by Deborah Lytton

If I had a magic wand, I would wave it over chocolate and make it as nutritious as kale.  Then I would eat it for every single meal.

To me, creating a novel comes in several stages.  First is the idea stage.  I think of that as eating candy.  It's instant gratification because a new idea is so exciting, it whets the appetite for more.

Then comes the second stage, the drafting stage, which is like eating kale.  This is the substance of the work where you have to put the story together.  A great idea all alone isn't a novel.  It needs a plot, a heroine or hero and loveable supporting characters along with a really detailed setting.  There is no instant gratification here but instead the satisfaction of commitment and craft. 

Finally, you have the third stage, which is the revision stage.  This is my favorite treat of all because here you can polish the story until it gleams.  This is like the best of all worlds, a healthy dose of leafy veggies with a dark chocolate heart on the side.

I hope when you are crafting your stories, you remember to balance the ideas with the craft and wave your imagination over it to create magic.


  1. I wonder if we dipped that Kale into melted chocolate...would stage two be a bit easier to swallow?

  2. I think drafting's like kale, too. Bleah.

  3. The revision stage is my favorite part of the process, too. That's when I feel art is being crafted. At the same time, I feel guilty that I'm not drafting new stuff!