Thursday, October 15, 2015

My New Writing Treat by Bob Krech

We're going to be moving soon, so one of the things I'm doing to help get us there is going through the books on our shelves and thinning the collection. If you're a writer and a reader (and who cannot be both?!) you know this is not an easy task.

During this process I came across a paperback book I'd never read before, which is unusual for books in my own house.  I showed it to my wife who said she had bought it years ago. It's The Great Train Robbery by Michael Crichton. It's the true story of a complex, well-crafted train robbery that took place in Victorian England. I leafed through it and after reading a few pages, I put it directly on my night table.

Now what I wanted to do was sit down and read this book immediately from cover to cover, but I have all these writing assignments and obligations (like getting the house ready to move) and I can't do that. I mean I could do that, but I shouldn't. Kind of like that bag of Cheetos or Hershey's dark chocolate. You want to open that bag and eat it all, but you know that is probably not the best thing to do. Most of the time.

So, I am treating myself with The Great Train Robbery. I am doing my writing work and moving preparations, and if I am good and put in the required hours I should, I sit down in the sun room and treat myself with a few chapter of The Great Train Robbery. Just a few.
And maybe a couple of pieces of chocolate.


  1. I've often used a good book as a reward for writing. Good luck with the move and enjoy the book, Bob!