Ah Setting, You're Killing Me!

from Jody Feldman

Or, maybe next time, from home; from here.

As type this, I am struggling with setting.
My WIP is set in several different cities, some of which I’ve never visited.

So I’ve been relying on YouTube and, in one case, an envoy who happens to be visiting one particular site. It’s not the same, though, as being there myself.

When I’m “there” I can fully understand which sites, which pieces of sites, would captivate my characters.

“Ask me,” you might say. “Maybe I live in one of those cities.”
Here’s the corner I’ve painted myself into:  If I tell you the cities, I give you some spoilers.

And so I’ll keep trolling online and faking my way through. And when this book is ready to roll, I may reach out to some of you to let me know if I’ve captured the true flavors of my setting.

For my next book, though, I think, once again, I’ll make up somewhere new.


  1. I always take so many liberties with my setting--for my last YA, I completely fictionalized a town here in MO...Peculiar. (Come on, there has never been a better name for a city.)


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