Visiting Places for Inspiration (April theme) Kristin Levine

When I'm writing, I love to actually visit the place I'm writing about.  For my first book, The Best Back Luck I Ever Had, it was the mounds in Moundville, Alabama.

The Lions of Little Rock was inspired my visiting Little Rock, Arkansas, with my mother.  Here's West Side Junior High where the main characters in that book go to school. 

Seeing where my father went to the movies and ice skated in the winter sparked many scenes for The Paper Cowboy.

I'm currently working on a new book.  Right now it's called, The Space Between the Pieces, and I'm having so much fun visiting locations near my home town, including the carousel on the National Mall and this cool statue in front of the Air & Space Museum.


  1. Love Lions of Little Rock! Can't wait for your new book, and now I'm off to request The Paper Cowboy. It's fun to see photographs of places that inspire your writing.

  2. My current WIP is unofficially set in my home town. Easy to visit!


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