Friday, July 19, 2013

July Theme by Kristin Levine

One of the sweetest things about being a writer is getting to meet people I wouldn't otherwise meet.  Yesterday, I got to have tea with Tara Sullivan whose book GOLDEN BOY was published last month.  (See last months Smack Dab interview with Tara here.)

Tara and I share an editor, the amazing Stacey Barney at G. P. Putnam's Sons, so I figured we'd have stuff to talk about.  But it was great to talk to someone who really gets it, about how writing can be amazing and lonely, exciting and tedious, scary and joy-provoking all at the same time.

Which was nice.  Because frankly it can sometimes be a little hard to talk to non-writers about what we do.  It's a hard job to explain.  Sit in a coffee shop all day?  Sounds great!  How many people say, "Oh I'd love to write a book!"  And it's true, it IS wonderful.  But there's no "office water cooler," where you can share joys and fears, successes and setbacks.  

So today I just want to say thank you to Tara and this blog and all the other people I've met from my writing for being my "water cooler."  It makes life a whole lot sweeter!


  1. I was *just* thinking something along the same lines, Kristin! We have a lot more in common with the people we meet around our virtual water coolers than most people do with their workmates, and the community is so supportive and giving that when we do meet face to face we don't have to spend any time getting to know each other--we've already done that. Thanks for this nice post!

  2. Totally agree, Kristin. Love "seeing" you at the water cooler!