What Could Be Sweeter Than Ice Cream? Fan Mail! (July Theme) by Christine Brodien-Jones

There's nothing sweeter - or funnier, or more original - than letters and emails from young readers who love your book.  Here's a quick sampling:

"I am an eleven year old sixth grader who loves to write. I have wrote a few books in my life. None are published."

"Our lit. circles group recently finished your book. Nobody wanted to read it because of the reading level our teacher, Mrs. L., got off the computer. I don't think the level is very accurate."

From ICE CREAM EVERYWHERE! Illustrations copyright 2002 by Stephanie Roth

"Thank you for the great read and discussions filled with predictions, wonder, vocabulary discussing, and questions. It was hard to follow at first but you brought everything together by letting in secrets you didn't tell us at first."

"We all looked at the varieties of books and I saw The Owl Keeper. I immediately grabbed it off the wooden shelf and read the back. As soon as i finished reading it, I went over to my group and recommended it. They each took the book and read the back but they all didn't want to read it. Seven books later, near the end of the school year, they finally said that we could read it. They were amazed. How detailed it was, and how original and spellbinding the words were. Once you started to read it you couldn't stop. I finally had the right to say "I TOLD YOU SO!"

"I literally fell off my bed while reading this book." 

"When I grow up, I really, really, REALLY want to become a writer/illustrator of a book. So as an expert in this field of work, may i ask you some questions? How do you find inspiration for you books? ... Can you give me some tips on writing a book? What are major themes in your books? What was your favorite book as you were growing up? Will my questions ever END? Just kidding." 

"I am probably one of thousands to email you, and to praise you on your book. You are probably procrastinating your email from fans. Or maybe too busy to even read this because you are writing so much. My apologies if I am wrong."


  1. Yep, nothing beats reader letters to fill your heart with joy. My favorite was from a boy who wrote, "Your book made me laugh so hard juice came out my nose." I smile every time I think about it!

  2. Hahaha, love those kids! Where would we be without them? It's the best part of writing children's books.

  3. Adorable letters. They made me smile. Thanks for sharing!


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