Permission To Be Bookish

So much of the time, I put books aside to read "for a treat when I'm done with this draft/revision/big ole mess."  I make TBR piles that could rival the world's tallest buildings. I wolf down a few pages with a meal. I wish for the subway to get stuck so that I get a few extra minutes of reading time without feeling guilty. I study Madeleine L'Engle and Brian Greene for tips on effectively manipulating time, space, and plot.

But I am a writer because I am a reader because I am a writer because I am a get the point.
Reading feeds my soul, and it fuels my work.
 It makes me a better writer.
And a better person.

And I love it.

So, this summer I'm giving myself permission to enjoy days of reading for all of those reasons.

Got any recommendations?


  1. When I get busy, I forget all about the joy and creative energy that comes from reading a really good book. thanks for the reminder.

    I've been making my way through the novels of the Smack Dab writers. What a talented group!


  2. Holy moly. I'm in the same boat. My TBR pile is a mountain.


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