June Theme: "I don't need your stinking permission. . ."

by Stephanie J. Blake

There comes a time in every writer's life where she doesn't need permission...

1. to play 16 games of Bingo Bash before opening the WIP, only to leave it in the background to play Farkle online with strangers from Brazil.

2. to eat a whole bag of Red Vines while watching three hours of YouTube videos of 1970's commercials, all in the name of "research."

3. to throw the outline away and work off of the dream from last night or the idea had while picking weeds in the backyard.

4. to abandon a manuscript that is already at 17,000 words for a shiny new idea.

5. to cry for three days over a rejection.

6. to be jealous of another writer's deal, review, award, or agent.

7. to check Author Central obsessively, even though the numbers aren't an exact science.

8. to take days and weeks off from writing and call it "writer's block," when it's really laziness or fear.

9. to be super proud of the "too quiet" "character driven" rough draft.

10.  to clean out the refrigerator instead of face the four pages of edits, due Friday.


  1. I've been guilty of all of these. Every. Single. One.

  2. Here, here, Stephanie! I see your Red Vines and raise you a mega jar of chocolate covered raisins (Costco sized) in the name of research, naturally! ;)

  3. man oh man...oh man! I cannot stop laughing and wish that my belly didn't shake when I do laugh, lol! Well said, well listed!

  4. Red vines are an unspoken food group for writers...or at least for me. Thanks, I needed this today.

  5. I need to go to Costco for chocolate covered raisins. I'm recommitted to finishing this manuscript by August 15th. First, a round of Bingo Bash--or two.


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