October Theme: OLD BLACK WITCH! by Irene Latham

I feel like Sherry Holmes Baldwin, the (reluctant) heroine in Barrie Summy's adorable I SO DON'T DO SPOOKY. My interest in spooks and such is much more Casper and Ghost than Paranormal Activity (now in its 4th incarnation!).

Which is probably why one of my favorite books as a child was OLD BLACK WITCH. It's much more heartwarming than scary. There's main character Nicky and his mom who have just moved into an old house they are turning into a tea room. Well guess who lives in the chimney? Old Black Witch!

Nicky's not scared. And his mom is quite understanding. She invites Old Black Witch to stay in the attic. Eventually, on a particularly busy day at the tea room, she invites Old Black Witch to help serve and cook. Which Old Black Witch loves!

And then... there are some bad guys who want to steal the tea room money. Old Black Witch might have cheered them on in the past, but not now. She's a reformed witch, full of love and kindness -- and finally, the keeper of two fat toads.

I still have my old (1966!) copy, which has a blueberry pancake recipe on the back.

That's about as spooky as I get, folks. :)


  1. I adore the Cranberry books by the Devlins! Such wonderful childhood memories. I loved witches growing up and one of my favorite picture book series was the Dorrie by Patricia Coombs. She was such a darling witch!

  2. I still have my childhood copy of CRANBERRY THANKSGIVING.


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