Five Things that Scare Me (October Theme, Sarah Dole)

It's October! The month of Halloween! In my house, that means an excess of jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, ghosts, and zombies ... and we don't even have any kids in the house.

My family and friends love Halloween, live and breath it. But for me? When it comes to being afraid, I'm not bothered by spirits and spooks, goblins or ghouls.


Here is what frightens me:

5. Page 30. This is where the momentum fades and a novel is either made or broken.

4. Red ink. Or blue or purple or whatever the smart and observant people in your revising world like to use.

3.   The bookstore. Because as much as I might love spending time among books, there is always the chance that the next book I see will be a more artfully-written version of the same idea I just started working on.

2. Google Alerts. Because I might not want to see what's being brought to my attention.

1.   The send button. Because inevitably, it must be pushed.

Of course there is one thing that helps ease all those fears, and it's abundant at this time of year:


Just don't tell anyone why the pumpkin-shaped bowl on the table keeps coming up empty!


  1. I'm with you, Sarah. I just heard about a place in my city called Chocopolis. I must make a pilgrimage ...

  2. I'm with you on hitting the middle of the manuscript! Takes a stiff upper lip to get through a novel's mid-section.

  3. Blame the missing chocolate on the house ghost.


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