Fireworks (July Theme) by Bob Krech

When it comes to watching fireworks, I am not the biggest fan. I can take it or leave it. But I always take it because I really enjoy the surrounding activity. When we go to see fireworks we usually walk over to a local university that hosts the annual event. We walk through the woods with our flashlights. It's only about a half mile down a well worn path. We bring a blanket and food. There is always music before the show and we run into lots of friends from our town that we haven't seen in a while. One of the cool things about this fireworks tailgating is that you get everyone from every part of town and every age group; little kids, families, teenagers, grandparents, and college students. Everyone is hanging out together listening to a local band, dancing, wearing those glow necklaces, eating and talking. It's almost like the fireworks are the excuse everyone needed to get out there and hang out together on a warm summer night. I mean, when the fireworks start I love to watch. It's always amazing, but I'm sad when it's over. Not so much because the spectacular light show is done, but more so because all the people go home. And a lot of them, I won't see again till next year. At the fireworks.


  1. That is so true what you say about the fireworks being an excuse to hang out!


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