Fireworks and Pets (July theme)

Fourth of July
Lights! Color! Action! Fireworks! They began in 7th century China. Although I love them, my cats are not fans. They hide, certain we're under attack. Same goes for thunderstorms. Their chosen "safe room" is deep in the back of the closet under the stairs. We've put cat beds for them in there, and I slip them a few treats to weather the storm (or the fireworks). If you have scaredy cats or pets of any kind, you might take a look at these Fourth of July pet safety tips from the ASPCA. Have a happy, healthy 4th, everyone!
Scout and Boo, my kitties
~ Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams are co-authors of the Goddess Girls series. Set at Mount Olympus Academy, it puts a modern spin on classic Greek myths. Aladdin paperbacks ages 8 ~ 12.


  1. My dog Jake agrees with your cats! Happy 4th, Joan!

  2. We always have to play music on the 4th to drown out the bangs or my cats go nuts. The Goddess Girls books are always popular on my classroom Scholastic book orders.


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