Summer Vacation

When I was younger summer vacation meant freedom. It was a wonderful time of non-stop play with little or no structure... I loved it. Forts were built. Fish were caught. Pages and pages of silly drawings were made. Wars were planned. Wars were fought. Snakes died. Things were set on fire. Things got wet.
Whenever I miss this kind of summer freedom I usually take an hour or two to go do something creative (without a future project in mind or a specific goal.) Usually, I just pick up my sketchbook and draw whatever pops into my mind. In fact writing about this makes me miss summer. I’m off to find my sketchbook... Then maybe I’ll build a fort, make a fire, and perhaps start a war...
Michael Townsend


  1. One of the things I love about summer is heading out to the backyard with my notebook, maybe watching my daughter look for bugs or make potions or garden "salad" while I doodle and daydream.

  2. I so love this description of summer. I feel a fort-building session of my own coming on...


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