May Theme: A Grand Adventure begins by Dia Calhoun

I can't think about my parents right now, even though that is our theme this month. All I can think about is that I am, right this moment, at the beginning of my Grand Adventure to Italy. I left Seattle yesterday, and stopped over in New York to meet my wonderful editor Ariel Colletti at Atheneum. This evening we feasted on Chinese food and sushi and wine and wonderful conversation.

So I can't think about my parents right now.

Tomorrow I am flying to Milan for three weeks in Italy. For two weeks of the trip, I will be on my own--no tour.  My trip has been long in the planning stages and was almost derailed several times--in February by tearing ligaments in my foot and ankle (still have to wear sensible shoes) and then in April by a traveling companion who flaked out on me. But I am going! And Eva, the heroine from my new book Eva of the Farm, is going with me as my imaginary travelling companion. I will be posting blogs about Eva's and my experiences in Italy on my personal blog:

So I can't think about parents right now.

On my way here I heard a Ted talk by a spoken word poet--her first name was Sarah, I didn't catch her last name. She said we take all that we are with us--as in a backpack--when we move forward into new adventures. So much of what I am taking with me on the Grand Adventure--especially my imagination and wonder--came to me from my parents.

Even when I am not thinking about my parents, they are always with me as I venture into the wondrous unknown.

I am always thinking about my parents.


  1. I love the idea of taking who we are along in a backpack...Beautiful post, Dia...

  2. Well said, Dia. Have a grand adventure!

  3. We are who we are because of our parents...


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