Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May theme: Family

If you start a book, do you almost always finish it? Even if you aren't in love with it? My mom is like that. In contrast, I'm the kind of reader who must be grabbed bigtime within about a dozen pages or I set a book aside and move on to a new one. I mean to get back to that first book--I really do. But I rarely crack it open again.

Do you read literary books? The Oprah Book Club kind of books? My mom does. I read YA novels, chapter books, picture books, and nonfiction.

We may not have the same taste in books or the same reading styles or attention spans. But my mom is the reason I'm a reader. And by extension, she's probably at least part of the reason I'm a writer.

She led by example, incorporating books into our daily lives when we were kids. She read. So I read. She went to the library and took us with her, so going to the library became a natural thing for me to do as an adult. She read to us at night: Stuart Little, Eloise, Mary Poppins, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle.

Our May theme here at Smack Dab in the Middle is "Family." My mom is absolutely the first person who popped into my head when I thought of family + books. Did a member of your family encourage you to read (or not to read) when you were young? Who was it, and how did they influence you?

Joan Holub is the co-author
of the
Goddess Girls series
with Suzanne Williams,
and the author of Zero the Hero.


  1. What a lovely post, Joan, and how wonderful to have a mom who encouraged you to read and influenced you as a writer - !
    I always say that my mom was my first 'agent', because when I was in elementary school she sent out my short stories to kids' magazines, trying to get them published.
    Yay for moms!

  2. My grandmother, a 4th grade teacher AFTER she'd raised children, returned to college, and started a new career. She gave me all the classics, Newbery winners, etc, and hoped I'd read them in place of Nancy Drew and Cherry Ames. I read both. But I remember Alice in Wonderland because of her. Great post, great theme.