Saturday, April 7, 2012

Waves of Light (Naomi Kinsman)

Everyone knows no party is complete without games and party favors!

So, in celebration of this month's release of my third book in the From Sadie's Sketchbook series, Waves of Light, we've launched a writing contest for young writers (yep, there's the game--grand prize is a Kindle Fire!) and I'm giving away a signed set of the first three books in the series right here on the Smack Dab blog (you've got it--there's the favors!)

So first things first: What's Waves of Light about, anyway?

Sadie Douglas has already had an exceptional seventh grade year. She moved from Menlo Park, CA to Owl Creek, MI, expecting a grand adventure in the Great North woods. However, her dad's job, mediating between hunters and a researcher studying the black bears, landed Sadie right in the middle of a huge community dispute. As Sadie began to settle in, she unwittingly stepped on the wrong toes, making things worse. On the up side, Sadie did make a few loyal friends, including the researcher's very good-looking son. Sadie also met an artist who inspired her to look at the world with an artist's eyes, and record what she saw in her sketchbook. Unfortunately, when Sadie started looking close, she realized deciding who to trust and what to stand up for wasn't as black and white as she once thought. And now, in Waves of Light, when Sadie finally feels like she's found her place in Owl Creek, everything turns upside down again when her art teacher's house is destroyed by a flash flood. Once again, Sadie has to decide what she believes, when everything that once seemed solid begins to crumble.

"Kinsman offers a realistic and nuanced rendering that works for readers who want to know about the role of Christian faith in a young person's development, as well as those who like a fresh story about the journey of growing up." -- Publishers Weekly

All right, now for the contest:

Young writers, up to age 16 are invited to write a story, poem or essay, up to 500 words, for the chance to win a Kindle Fire! Check out my website for the full scoop on the contest and how to submit.

And for your party favor?

For a chance to win the signed set of the first three Sadie books, Shades of Truth, Flickering Hope, and Waves of Light, send an email to naomi at naomikinsman dot com. The winner will be chosen and announced on May 1.