April Theme: ...........................Delayed Gratification

Sometimes I get random e-mails from weird little kids. I like weird little kids (in fact I was once a weird little kid). Their letters often begin with a little praise (always appreciated) and then they often keep writing to inform me of their favorite weird things.
I love these letters. They often show up just when I’m getting discouraged with a project.
The strange things they write often make me laugh out loud. I write them back (with the hopes I will make them laugh out loud too) then I get back to work.
There are a lot of stages in the book making process that bring me joy but these random e-mails have quickly become my favorite part.
The End.
Michael Townsend


  1. I used to teach piano and guitar lessons, and I heard similar stories every day...It was why I got started writing for kids, actually!

  2. I get those weird little random emails, too, I love 'em! Some are hilarious and, you're right, they give me a boost when the writing gets me down. Great that you write back to them! I have one email pal who signs his messages "Your #1 Fan" Ha-ha!
    That's what this is all about, right?


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