November Theme: Thankfulness (by Lisa Graff)

This month's theme at Smack Dab is thankfulness, and I've just returned from three days of school visits in Highland Park, Illinois, so I am thankful for a lot of things.

reading to a group of attentive 3rd graders at Braeside Elementary

I tend to think best in lists (and who doesn't love a good bullet point??), so what better way to enumerate the things for which I am thankful? Here then, in no particular order, the things for which, upon my return from school-visiting, I am thankful:

  • awesome librarians who take the time in their insanely busy schedules to organize school visits: coordinating with school faculty, booking hotel rooms for visiting authors, ordering tons of books, and all the rest.
  • awesome teachers who find ways to get their students excited about books and reading.
  • awesome kids who ask awesome, thoughtful questions (my favorite of the week: "What did you intend your readers to get from your books, and do you think you succeeded?").
  • PowerPoint presentations that actually work, and tech guys who can fix them when they don't.
  • marathons of The Next Iron Chef on the hotel TV to keep me company while I autograph one bajillion postcards to hand out to students during the week.
  • diet coke.
  • Twix bars.
  • good conversations about good books.
  • and planes that arrive ten minutes early.

I had a wonderful time last week, and am hoping the rest of my visits this school year go half as well. A big shout-out and thank you to all my new friends in Highland Park!


  1. Love this, Lisa! And here's to another semester of successful, fun, stimulating school events!

  2. Three cheers for librarians, teachers, students, and, of course, Twix!

  3. Ditto and double ditto for Twix and triple ditto for Diet Coke! I'm not the only one :)


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