An Impossible Gift by Darlene Beck Jacobson

 As I thought about this month's theme and those gifts that we take for granted or dismiss as impossible to achieve, I offer you all my own impossible gift.

                                                        MY GIFT TO YOU

                        Joy and laughter to keep and to share

                        Someone to wipe your tears when sadness and grief pay a visit

                        A hand to hold 

                        A hug when you need it and when it needs to be given

                        Time to slow down and listen to the voices that cry out in need

                        Kindness given and received

                        Gratitude for home, food, love, family

                        Enough to share

                        Companionship so you ever feel alone

                        Peace of mind and heart that spreads, reaching out

to touch those who long for a peace of their own

                        Health in abundance

                        To be a light that shines in the darkness



                   As Tiny Tim said in A CHRISTMAS CAROL: "God bless us, everyone."


        Darlene Beck Jacobson believes that the best gifts are the ones that can't be wrapped and feels grateful to have those gifts in abundance.                



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