Monday, February 14, 2022

Smart and Sassy characters we love! by: Jennifer Mitchell

 Happy Valentine’s Day! A book that I discovered a few years ago that has a smart and sassy character is Clementine, by Sara PennyPacker.  Clementine is the type of female character that might remind you of Junie B. Jones, Ramona, or even Judy Moody.  When we read it in class my students always find a lot of connections they can make between the characters.  Her sassiness can be seen when she refers to her brother; because he got a “normal” name and she was named after a fruit, she is always calling him a random vegetable name.  The reader also picks up on it when she says she is the only person who pays attention in class, and that is why she knows things that are happening outside when she is looking out the window.  The book has a great story line, especially if you are reading it in a school setting and discussing it.  She is a fun character to read about and follow her journey, she has heart with equal parts smart and sassy.

Jennifer Mitchell-- teacher in the Kansas City area

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