Saturday, February 12, 2022

EACH OF US A UNIVERSE: by Jeanne Zulick Ferruolo with Ndengo Gladys Mwilelo

 In keeping with our theme of sassy heroes and a favorite new book, I am pleased to highlight this book from MG author Jeanne Zulick Ferruolo.            


Here is my review for the book about two girls from two different cultures who bond over a shared love for a legend and a mountain.

Calliope Scott runs. She is always on the move, trying to escape from all the things troubling her in the small town of Bleakerville. Mountain climbing is her passion, something she did with her dad...before he went to prison. Before her mom got cancer. When a new girl moves into town, a girl whose love of the mountain is as strong as Cal’s, they set out to conquer Mt. Meterorite and the magic they both hope will save their families.

Will Cal and Rosine climb all the way to the summit? Will they find the magic said to reside there from local legends? Young readers will keep turning pages to find out in this heartfelt and honest story of a girl’s love of the mountain that looms large literally and figuratively in her life.

Themes of believing in yourself, the power of friendship, and how love can help you through life’s difficult and scary moments resonate throughout. Magic happens when you believe.


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