Monday, June 14, 2021

Summer Memories-- by Jennifer Mitchell

Growing up, my best summer memories were of church camp and going to visit my grandparents in Shell Knob, Missouri.  Things were simple as I was growing up, but the memories include laughter each step of the way.  Looking for deer, trying to learn to water ski, fishing, boat rides, and listening to the Branson Brothers at Silver Dollar City made for amazing days. The friends that I had at summer camp also were my lake travel buddies so our summers were intertwined with many experiences.  When we get together as adults we still draw on those memories and we are so thankful to have them.

Transitioning to adulthood, and having a family of my own, we have made our best summer memories at Disney World.  My kids were little when we first started our summer adventures in Florida, important things during those visits were seeing Disney characters and getting their autographs.  They were pushed around in strollers and fell asleep midday when the excitement finally wore them out. Now as they are all adults and we are preparing for our next Disney trip in a few weeks it is typically the excitement of how many hours we stay at the park.  So far our record is 8:00am to 1:00am.  Or what new Disney ears can we add to the collection? Over the years we have made so many memories -- not as simple as my church camp and lake experiences -- but just as important and special.  I hope when my kids look back on their summer memories they will remember all of the great things we did together. 

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