Friday, June 4, 2021

Favorite summer memories

Here is a random selection of some of my favorite summer memories:   

- Having sleepovers with my cousins and making up games to play.

- Playing volleyball in my Grandma’s pool and finally being tall enough to touch the bottom all the way across.

- Going on boat rides with my Grandpa in Florida, seeing dolphins, and collecting sea shells for so long on an island that I thought almost no time had passed when the rest of my family collected me and said we had been there for 2 hours.

- Making the best of a rainy 4th of July in Washington D.C. and watching the Washington Monument fireworks emerge half-heartedly from behind a big cloud.

- Going to Royals games, singing Friends in Low Places during the 6th inning, and watching the Friday night fireworks.

-A long road trip to visit the Grand Canyon, Four Corners, and riding to the top of a butte in a helicopter.

-Visiting the Badlands and Mount Rushmore and getting Junior Ranger pins.

-Hitting my first homerun.
-Biking around Hilton Head Island and trying not to run into trees on rolling sidewalks.

-Watching movies on the top deck of a cruise ship.

-Putting Duck Tape on the driveway and playing 4-square during quarantine.

-Reading the 6th Harry Potter book on the way to Colorado.

-Having an “owl” deliver my invitation to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

-Trips to Adventure Oasis and pretending that the lazy river was filled with danger and hidden gems.

-Rafting down an true dangerous river and swimming/pushing a man with a leg injury upstream to meet EMS.


  1. Some of my favorite summer memories too :)

  2. Love how the joys of summer involve so much outdoor fun! Thanks for sharing your highlights Jade.

  3. That was incredible. What marvelous things to remember...and now fun things to anticipate.